This Miracle Plant May Grow in Your Backyard and Can Efficiently Destroy Leukemia Cells in 2 Days!

Herbalists usually use dandelion root in the treatment of gallbladder, digestive, kidney, and liver issues.

The herb can boost the immune system and fight against inflammation. That’s not all, it has been even used in the treatment of many cancer types.
Specifically, organic dandelion root extract has been proven to help in leukemia treatment.

Researchers revealed that dandelion root acts as a powerful cytotoxin for three human leukemia cell types. In addition, it has been found that the herb destroyed even 96% of the leukemia cells within 2 days!

Caroline Hamm, an oncologist, shared the real life story of one of her myelomonocytic leukemia patients.

The patient actually suffered from an aggressive and resistant leukemia type and there was not any improvement as a result of the conventional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy.

Moreover, the oncologist told him as well as another leukemia patient that the regular consumption of dandelion root tea is extremely beneficial in cases of leukemia.

The patients started consuming the tea on a regular basis, and the medical check-ups showed positive results in both cases since the tea successfully boosted apoptosis in this type of leukemia cells within 2 days, without affecting the healthy cells.

The University of Windsor’s biochemist, Siyaram Pandey, carried out a research about the effectiveness of the dandelion root extract on leukemia cells. Namely, several leukemia patients took the extract and the blood tests showed that the cancerous cells were destroyed within 24 hours.

Other Therapeutic Effects of Dandelion Root

Also, a great number of studies have shown that dandelion root extract may fight against many cancer types, including breast and prostate cancer, melanoma, etc.

As previously mentioned, it has been used as a potent natural remedy for treating various health problems since ancient times.

Therefore, do not waste time and consider introducing it in your everyday diet!