6 Herbs To Replace Painkillers Without Any Side Effects

Mother Nature has provided a wide range of effective and safe remedies that reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Thanks to them you can say goodbye to "vitamin I" and other painkillers.
Athletes often reach to ibuprofen, or “vitamin I” as they like to call it, to get through the pains and aches of training.

Unfortunately, athletes are not the only ones who depend on NSAIDs for relieving their pain. Every day, over 30 million people in U.S. take aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and other NSAIDs for everything from muscle cramps, headaches, and sport injuries, to back pain, neuropathy, arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

Your pain is mostly caused by inflammation, a defensive reaction that results in swelling of the tissues and increasing the intensity of the pain nerve signal. This makes anti-inflammatory ideal for reducing your pain.

Although NSAID’s (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) reduce the pain by blocking the enzymes which cause inflammation, they usually come with pretty awful side effects.

Taking NSAIDs regularly increase the chances of bleeding in the stomach, ulcers, kidney damage, and heart attack, as they interfere with prostaglandins– important, hormone-like compounds.

The medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington, Jonathan Wright, MD, says he wouldn’t take them regularly longer than few months. According to him, some can experience side effects even after several days of taking them regularly.

Luckily, Mother Nature has provided a wide range of effective and safe remedies that reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Thanks to them you can say goodbye to “vitamin I” and other painkillers.

1. Boswellia
This herb is also known as frankincense. It relieves both, minor and chronic pains as boswellic acids in its content reduce the production of inflammatory compounds involved in various chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Take 750 milligrams of formula standardized to 60% boswellic acids on a daily basis in 3 divided doses. As for the new formula of 90% boswellic acid that came out this year, follow the dosage given on the label.

2. Arnica
Arnica montana is a herb with specific large bright yellow flowers which are used in the production of this very old remedy. The sesquiterpene lactones in its content are compounds which can reduce inflammation and improve the immunity.

In 2007, a study in Sweden proved that topical arnica gel can alleviate the pain and restore the joint function in 200 osteoarthritis patients equally well as Ibuprofen. Arnica cream or gel is also great for acute injuries like bruises, strains, sprains, and postoperative healing.

It should be applied 3-4 times on a daily basis. For even better results, take arnica homeopathically simultaneously, using remedies of 6, 12, or 30c potency, 3 pellets under the tongue, 3 times daily.

3. Curcumin
Curcumin is the active compound of turmeric, also known as the “spice of life”. It blocks the inflammatory proteins and improves the ability of the body to put an end to inflammation. Many studies have proven that curcumin relieves the chronic pain in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, whereas various animal studies suggest that it helps prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

The recommended daily dose of curcumin is 400-600 mg, 3 times a day. You can take it with equal doses of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain (found in pineapples) to increase absorption. Take it 20 minutes before meals.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are important for reducing chronic pain, as they are broken down into anti-inflammatory compounds in the body. If you have insufficient omega-3s intake, you will have greater inflammation and more pain when you do get ill or injured.

Omega-3s are found in hempseed, flaxseed, and cold-water fish like sardines, salmon, and mackerel. You can also take them as a supplement. For chronic pain, take 2000-4,000 milligrams daily, whereas for basic maintenance, take 1,000-2,000 milligrams daily.

To prevent them from oxidizing and attacking the healthy cells in your body, take them with 400 IU of vitamin E every day (in “mixed tocopherols” form).

5. Ginger
The enzymes found in this flavorful root prevent the production of inflammatory compounds. However, as Paul Anderson, ND, at Bastyr University in Seattle explains, taking ginger as a spice, in candy or tea is not going to be enough for relieving your pain.

You need to take 2g of ground dehydrated ginger per day in 3 divided doses for acute pain, and for chronic- 1g per day, divided in 3 doses.

6. Devil’s Claw
This fruit comes from South Africa, and it’s covered with sharp little hooks which can injure our skin. However, taken as an herbal remedy it eliminates pain, and as researchers explain, it significantly reduces arthritis and back pain.

One study conducted on 120 knee and hip osteoarthritis patients discovered that devil’s claw reduces the pain and improves the function equally well as common osteoarthritis drugs, but with drastically fewer side effects. Similar studies have demonstrated similar outcome for low back pain.

Iridoid glycosides are the active compound of devil’s claw, with the main called harpagoside. They provide powerful inflammation-fighting and pain-relieving effects. The recommended daily dose of dried devil’s claw is 400 mg a day, whereas of harpagoside is 50-100mg. This herb stimulates the production of gastric acid, so consult your doctor before using it in case you have stomach ulcer.

Lose Up To 5 Kg In Just 5 Days By Drinking A Glass of This Powerful Recipe

Today we will present you an amazing weight loss drink that will do magic to your body fat. This 100% natural beverage will help you burn the excess pounds in very short period of time.

Fennel seed is one of the ingredients consisted in this beverage. It has wide range of beneficial effects such as:
  • It flushes out the toxins from the body
  • It acts as natural detoxifier
  • It improves your metabolism rate and thus helps you burn fat faster
  • Regulates the blood pressure
  • Reduces water retention
  • It is ideal in the fight against bloating, indigestion and constipation
  • Reduces asthma symptoms
  • Purifies the blood
  • Improves the eyesight
  • Excellent for acne
  • Keeps acne away
Here is the recipe:
  • 2 tbsp of raw fennel seeds
  • 1 l of purified water
Bring the water to boiling point, add the seeds in it, cover it and let it cool down. The mixture is ready for consumption!

This beverage will help you get rid of the excess pounds and improve your overall health!

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!

10 Horrific Symptoms That You Are Likely To Have Silent Stroke And Soon Other Will Follow

You probable suppose that a stroke only affects vintage humans, however every doctor says that this can take place to all of us. Right here’s what you want to recognise approximately the early signs, even while you’re younger.

Broken, blurred or loss of imaginative and prescient
Stroke can purpose impaired imaginative and prescient in a single or both eyes. 44% of folks that skilled the attack stated that the loss of sight is a robust symptom.

Sudden complications and dizziness
In step with David Newman of the university of Neurology, dizziness is a powerful signal of stroke in women more youthful than forty five years. if you feel this search for scientific help.

Unrelated language
The earliest signal of stroke is while you start speaking incoherently.In the beginning, it’s miles approximately little misconceptions approximately the time of day or weather. You could start to speak as delirious and lose the ability to talk, which results in confusion.

The sudden weakening of the limbs
A unexpected feel of weakening or limp of palms or toes may be a robust sign of stroke. This may result in paralysis or crumble. In most instances, the paralysis is associated with a brain affected by stroke. It is excellent to position your fingers out with hands dealing with upwards of 10 seconds and in case you drop one arm, then shall appear the signal of the weakening of the muscle groups.

Ache on one aspect of the face
Pain isn’t a common symptom of a stroke, however in case you revel in unexpected ache within the limbs or specifically on one side of the face, then the sign is plain.

Complications and Migraines
Sharp pain is a not unusual indicator of stroke. Research have shown that many of the 588 volunteers who have skilled excessive headache with stroke in most of the people had been younger humans with migraines. It became additionally shown that this affects girls extra often than guys. If you revel in this symptom, you need to run the magnetic resonance tomography.

Weakening of the face
In case your face is half of-paralyzed, this is an severe indication which you have a stroke.

Research have also shown that most of the affected people, more girls are displaying signs and symptoms of fatigue, confusion, disorientation and exhaustion. it is another indicator of stroke.

This caution affects particularly girls and may lead to unexpected steady hiccups. This is due to the stroke that attacks the breathing center within the brain.

The shortage of air and flutter
If you have stroke assault, you may revel in a sudden lack of air and respiration problems. This suggests a cardiac arrhythmia due to lack of oxygen. Although the general public of girls, this is some other indicator that ought to not be omitted. To save you stroke, it’s miles critical to guide a healthy existence, to frequently take part in activities and to relaxation. reduce alcohol and weight. You need to stop smoking at once.

Why Do Doctors Keep This Simple Recipe Away From The Public? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Bunions Completely Natural!

Bunions are actually salt deposits. Also, influenza, angina, gout, rheumatic infections, bad metabolism, long wearing uncomfortable shoes, and poor diet contribute to their formation.

People who have them find it extremely difficult to find appropriate footwear.

The operation of eliminating unions is a temporary solution. But, natural medicine has very effective methods to solve this problem.

First, you need to clean your body from salt deposits.

Pour 300 ml of water over 1 tablespoon of chopped bay leaves and boil for about five minutes.

Pour into a bottle and leave it to stand until the following morning.

Strain and drink in small sips throughout the whole day.

Do this treatment for three days, preparing every day a fresh beverage.

Repeat the procedure after seven days.

The result from this treatment will be visible after only 10 days.

Doctors In Shock: This Kills 93% Of Colon Cancer In Only 2 Days

Every person has a certain risk percentage of getting cancer. And the appearance of cancer sometimes looks like it is without any good reason.

But, there are many risk factors that can augment the chance that one or more of the cells get abnormal and this causes cancer to appear.

Cancer that begins from the colon or the rectum is called colorectal cancer. They are also called rectal cancer or colon cancer, which is determined by the place that they begin to grow. These two types of cancer have a lot of the same characteristics and that is why they are put in the same group.

The colorectal cancers start as a simple growth ‘polyp’ which is situated in the internal lining of rectum or colon. Certain polyps can transform into cancer within few years, but some of them do not.

The type of polyp determines whether it will become cancer later or not.

These are the two types of polyps:
  • Hyperplastic polyps and inflammatory polyps: these are the more frequent ones, and they do not transform into cancer.
  • Adenomatous polyps (adenomas): These types of polyps are cancerous, and this is why they are also referred to as pre-cancerous condition.
Do you know what Lauric Acid is?
The bad thing is that the human health is not the most important thing, and the pharmaceutical companies that fund most of the medicinal research are primarily focused on their profit, even though science is still dominant in the pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, there are many significant and useful research which are published in the renowned scientific journals.

For example, the University of Adelaide, Australia conducted a study which showed that lauric acid (coconut oil has 50% of it) can kill more than 93% of the colon cancer cells in human, just after 48 hours.

The benefits of coconut
Coconut has been known as a highly efficient in treating many health conditions, but lately, they have discovered the abilities of organic coconut oil in fighting cancer.

It is 100% natural, the coconut oil is extremely powerful in treating parasites, fungi, bacteria. Viruses, and it is also beneficial for healing wounds and skin and also helps the liver and the digestion.

It is also utilized in the treatment of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and in a case of heart problems.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has the power to poison the cancer cell, by making them suffer oxidative stress, and thus lowers the glutathione levels, which are essential for the cancer cells to be able to defend themselves in the case of overexposure to oxygen radical and oxidative stress.

They conducted these tests in rats in vivo, and in vitro in Petri dishes, and they gave the same results.

Breast milk contains lauric acid, and it is a type of fatty acid that can improve the immune system and it offers antimicrobial properties.

Amazing effects
The American Society for Nutrition has conducted clinical studies that have proven the benefits of the fat contained in the organic coconut oil in hindering and treating many health issues like cancer, Crohn’s disease, gall bladder disease, viral diseases – herpes, hepatitis C, mononucleosis; osteoporosis and diabetes.

Coconut oil is also beneficial in lowering the negative effects of chemotherapy and promotes better life quality of cancer patients. It is such a shame that the pharmaceutical companies are not funding more studies to discover the amazing benefits of these compounds.